Common Plumbing Problems in Homes

In Glenfield, plumbers Glenfield provide solutions to all kinds of plumbing problems in homes. Whether the problem is with the water heater, sink, pipes, toilet, faucets, their professionals know it all.
Plumbing emergecies are not a rarety in homes. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that many home owners have to deal with at some point.
Leaky faucets
Leaky faucets are undoubtedly the most common plumbing problems in homes. People usually ignore small leakages if they are not causing any major problems but small leakages can develop into major problems. 
Leakages can rust the faucets, they can cause rot or even loosening of tiles if the leakage drips to the floor often. It's better to fix leakages, small or big as soon as you notice them before they lead to major problems that would cause more expenses. Additionally, they waste water.
Clogged drains
Clogged drains are also very common. Toilets, showers and sinks get clogged very often. The problem develops overtime as soap suds, hair, cooking grease accumulate slowly inside the pipes. You may attempt to unclog on your own but it's advisable to hire a professional so that the job is done fast and effectively.
Leaky pipes
Pipes usually leak at the joints. Leaky pipes should not be ignored since they can cause major damage to the walls, tiles or ceiling. 
Constantly running toilets
These are a culprit for high water bills. You can save yourself money and take care of the problem immediately.
Low water pressure
Anything from a clogged pipe to a leaking pipe or faucet can cause low water pressure. But of course you will noy know the true cause until it's diagnised by a proffessional.
Plumbing problems are not always obvious. Here are some signs that you have a lurking plumbing problem.
Rusted pipes
Loud sounds from water heaters
Faucets making a screeching sound when turned on
Smelly drain
Brown water
Old pipes