How to Enjoy Paihia

Car rentals give you a worry free vacation. It gives you the much-needed independence to explore the most Instagramable spots of your vacation destination.

Epic Rentals Paihia is known for its picturesque view, especially at summer. Blessed with amazing beaches, this New Zealand small town offers you a diversity of watersports and delicious seafood. And there is no other better way to go around Paihia and its nearby destinations than driving a car.

Car rentals are available in Kerikeri and Whangarei in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Choosing the right car rental service should make your vacation most epic.


Here are the factors to consider in choosing which vehicle to use.

*size - if you are with your family, a large sedan or an SUV is the best option. If you are traveling either alone or as a pair, look for the smallest car available. It saves more on gas and rental rates.

*driving skills - choose the one that matches your driving capabilities. Be specific if you want to drive a car with automatic transmission if manual transmission car is not your forte.

*environment-friendly - you can ask if there are hybrid cars that produce less emission.


Local car rentals are always the best way to go. Consider this helpful tips when choosing one.

*pricing - compare pricing. It pays (literally and figuratively) to research and do a comparison which offers affordable yet superb car rental service.

*discount offers - most car rentals offer discounts depending on your affiliate travel groups.

*epic reviews - look for legit reviews. Car rentals that give good customer service's advertisement are through word of mouth. 

*transparency of contract - always read the fine prints. Ask questions if there are anything in the agreement that is not clear.

Now you are just a phone call (or a click away) in reserving your epic car rental. Make your vacation all the more worthwhile. You deserve it.