Reasons Why You Need an Engine Rebuild

In Melbourne, engine rebuilds Melbourne are provided by professionals. In today's economy, more people are embracing the option of engine rebuilds instead of buying a new car or replacing the whole engine. This is mainly because the other two options are expensive and many people simply cannot afford it. 

Some of the most common causes of engine failures include; broken water pump, broken thermostat, damaged oil pump, clogged heater core, low oil level, engine oil too thick and old resulting in loss of lubricity. Different parts of the engine usually get damaged in case any of these happen.

The reasons for getting an engine rebuild are not limited to it being economical, there are other reasons why you should opt for an engine rebuild including;

Better performance
When an engine is rebuilt, it generally means better car performance. While an engine that is worn out will struggle to perform, it consumes more fuel and may struggle to maintain higher speeds.

A re-built engine is more eco-friendly
An old engine may leak oil and they usually burn more fuel to create combustion, meaning their emissions are higher than a normal functioning engine. On the other hand, a rebuilt engine will not leak and it requires less fuel for combustion, hence fewer emissions, making it more eco-friendly.

Increased safety
A damaged engine is likely to cause you problems that may be life-threatening, especially in cases where you are traveling for long journeys. For a peace of mind when traveling, get your engine rebuilt. A rebuilt engine is more reliable.

Increases resale value
The value of a car whose engine is damaged is hardly profitable, potential buyers usually look out for the health of an engine before purchase. To increase the value of your car for resale, rebuild the engine if it's old or damaged. That way the car can go for a higher value and you can earn back the money you spent on the rebuild and even come out with a profit.