Things You Shouldn't Do When Wearing Braces

For all dental services in Auckland, go to Fastbraces Auckland. While wearing braces, not abiding by the rules of your orthodontist can result in pain. Here are a few things to be stressed that you shouldn't do.

Chew gum

When wearing braces, you should avoid gum or any other kind of sticky food. As you chew and chew, you are putting stress on your braces and straining the bands, wires, and brackets. Eventually, they will start aching and may also move out of alignment. Gum can also stick on your braces and when pulling it off, it can cause pain. So it is best to avoid chewing gum while wearing braces.

Sugary and carbonated drinks

Too much carbonation, sugar, and acid in sugary and carbonated drinks can damage glue that holds brackets onto your teeth, making it quite easy to pop off a bracket. It's also much easier for the sugar and bacteria to get under the brackets and cause cavities. So it is very important to stay away from sugary and carbonated drinks.

Chewing ice

Chewing ice is not good, even without braces but it is especially dangerous if you have braces on. When you have braces on and you attempt to bite into ice, it is easy to break a bracket or bend a wire which is quite painful so ice is a no go for those with braces, and those without. Ice is hard and cold and simply not good for teeth.

Forget to take out rubber bands when eating

In case you have rubber bands in your teeth, you should take them out before eating. It is very important because they can get dirty while you eat. They can also break if not taken out which is very painful.

Forget to Floss

We know food particles can get stuck between your teeth, flossing gets them out. If you don't floss food particles can mix with bacteria. The resulting plaque will eat away at your enamel, damaging your teeth. It is easy to ignore flossing with braces on, especially since it is not an easy task but it is very important and worth the trouble.