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NZ Journal of Teachers' Work
(ISSN 1176-6662)

The New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work is a free, national peer-reviewed journal containing articles of interest to Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teachers. The journal aims to disseminate New Zealand research on and by teachers and also other articles on current issues which may be of interest to teachers.

Call for Papers - 2015

We are now calling for papers and contributions for the 2015 Issues.

Editorial Process

Volume 11, Issue 1 is the last for the founding joint editors, John O'Neill and Paul Adams. From Volume 11, Issue 2, guardianship of the journal will move to a new team based at Auckland University of Technology: Leon Benade, Nesta Devine and Joce Jesson. We are very pleased that the work of the journal will continue, but for us it is time to hand over after 21 issues and more than a decade.

The journal is guided by a national editorial board. Click here to view the editorial board membership


This journal is published at least twice a year. Currently, the journal articles are available to download from this site in PDF format. The journal is also included in the full text databases of EBSCO Publishing.


Articles can be submitted for Peer Review (substantive pieces up to 5,000 words) or Editorial Review.

Editorially reviewed pieces may include:

  • Opinion pieces: 1500-2000 words
  • Research overviews (especially co-authored by supervisors): 1000-1500 words
  • Reflective discussions of teachers' work by teachers in the field: 1500-2500 words
  • Preservice and beginning teacher reflective discussions/ comment: 1000-1500 words
  • General articles of interest to our readership
  • Book Reviews

Guidelines for Authors - Please read these before submitting articles.

Article Template - Please format your article using this template before submitting.

Submission of Material

Authors wishing to submit material for the journal are invited to email:

The Editor
New Zealand Journal of Teachers’ Work
Leon Benade -

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